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Synthetic Diamond Dies

synthetic diamond dies

(Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline Diamond Dies) for drawing of wires Engineering capabilities of NS to study the specific customer applications and to develop customized solutions.
Our polycrystalline diamond dies production system allows us to supply dies with superior polished surface.

A better polish translates into an easier drawing operation & a higher quality finish of final product.
Technical advice for choice of PCD blanks with a wide choice of possibilities adapted to each application (Copper, Aluminium, Steel, Alloys..... etc) and taking into account your Specifications & performance requirements.

Consistency of the geometry and high level of surface polish for you to achieve the best results in terms of surface finish, tight tolerances, dies performance and to protect your lubricants. Also, get significantly longer die life.

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Natural Diamond Dies

Natural diamond dies

The feature characteristic of our Natural Diamond Dies is high performance. Thanks to a careful selection of the raw material(Natural Diamond Stone), as well as a precise manufacturing process , we ensures a well defined and a perfectly consistent profile.

Our particular speciality is the production of diamond dies for fine and ultrafine wire drawing (0.005 mm to 0.07mm). We have developed an innovative method for the production of the smallest diameters in order to offer a top quality product and obtain a superior quality surface. We produce Natural Diamond Dies from 0.005 mm to 2.00 mm

Tungsten Carbide Dies

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Our Tungsten Carbide wire drawing dies are the result of expert technology & precision craftsmanship. Tungsten Carbide Dies are specially desirable in steel wire applications and in other applications where the finish and wear resistance of diamond dies are unnecessary and cost is a priority.

We offer a variety of Tungsten Carbide Dies for your various wire drawing needs , including shaped wire dies & Tube Drawing Dies Our precise technology and exacting standards guarantee you uniformity from one die To the next and even better control of critical measurements , such as reduction angle, bearing length and hole size dimension.

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