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Custom - Engineered Tools : We have custom tools for virtually every application. When NS quality stock products do not fulfil your requirements for diamond quality or geometry, NS sales representative will work with you to ensure that you get the right stationery diamond tool for your job on a custom design basis.

Gauging Feelers

Marposs Gauging Feelers

Marposs gauging feelers are used for measuring in process gauging of internal and external diameters during precise grinding operation of mass-produced components such as Crankshaft, Camshafts, Gear Shaft etc. in auto industries and in bearing industries..

We manufacturers these feelers with duly lapped diamond cone, blended at tip with radius, enhancing consistency, repeatability, durability and interchangeability.

At the same time from the economic point of view the dresser becomes expensive when properly designed to meet all the three requirements however a combination dresser has been conceived to combine quality with economy.


Diamond Grit Impregnated Dressers

Diamond Toolings Diamond Toolings

"N.S. Industries" brand grit impregnated dressers have been developed from multi-point dressers. In contrast to the latter they are manufactured from crushed diamond grit rather than a larger number of small natural diamonds. The advantages of the diamond impregnated dresser lie in its exceptional sharpness, which results from sharp edges and points of the broken diamond grit.

Diamond Toolings


Diamond Lapping Compound Paste

Diamond Lapping Compound Paste Diamond Lapping Compound Paste

"N.S. Industries" diamond lapping compounds are manufactured using metal as well as resin-bond diamond powders and state of the art carriers for different lapping applications. In applications where strong cutting action is required the blocky metal bond diamonds are used which retain their shape and cutting edges for long period of time giving efficient cutting action where as for faster cutting irregularly shaped friable resin bond diamonds are preferred.

Diamond Lapping Compound Paste