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ball heading dies
Ball header tools carbide grade is selected depending on factors like ball size, ball material, speed of header machine etc. We also maintain Kanbaan System as per customer request.

Products For Ball Header Toolings:
• Dies / Punches
• Quills (Shear Die / Shear bush / Abscherbuchse )
• Cutters (Knives/ Messer/ Abschermesser/ Couteau)
• Cutter Inserts (Messerinsatz / Inserts)
• Transfer Fingers (Pince / Fingers)
The die design recommendations derived from practical experience, theoretical stress analysis, proven application engineering practices and modern manufacturing techniques has helped us to manufacture dies with high tool life and better shape of the ball.

Proper selection of Carbide Grade based on machine, material, cavity design, is important factor for improvement in life of die. We suggest the best suitable design of cavity for optimum performance of tool. We also provide dies with special grade for reconditioning.

The dies are manufactured for various machine such as National, Higland, Waterberry, etc. We can also manufacture as per customer drawing.

Cutters for Ball Heading Dies

ball heading dies

Quills for Ball Heading Dies

ball heading dies