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Cold forming tools for Fastener Industries - Carbide Extrusion Dies, Punching Dies, Tablet Dies For Pharmaceuticals

Carbide Extrusion Dies   Punching Dies
Tablet Dies For Pharmaceuticals
Fastener - Tungsten Carbide Toolings
• Dies and Punches - Bolt and Nut Former
• Dies with Straight Bore
• Die Pointing
• Die Extrusion
• Die Double Extrusion
• Die CSK and Washer
• Segmental Hex Forming Dies
• Cut Off Quills, Knives.
• Dies For Tablet - Pharma Industries
We manufacture all types of heading dies suitable for Fastener Industries. These are used for manufacturing headed screw, rivets, Pop up rivets, Bolts, Nuts, etc in different material. Complete solution for fastener tooling from Design, Manufacturing and Execution based on our experience can be shared with our customer

The advantages of cold heading over conventional method, is higher production rate, no change in the properties of the base material since headed at cold stage and no loss of material and better finish . We also manufacture housing for various machines such as Chunzu, Sacma, etc. Most of the sizes are in stock and can be supplied within 1-2 days.

The various types of profile such has Extrusion, Pointing, Trap Extrusion, Countersunk, Washer face, etc are some of the regular manufacturing products. Special dies with hexagon profiles are also manufactured.